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“21 Deadly Seduction Mistakes Men In
Relationship Make That Destroy Her Arousal and Kill Your Sex Life”
Seduction Experts Divulge
Common Counter-Intuitive Blunders
  • Overcome the common miscalculations men make simply because the female psyche is different.
  • If her sexual interest has waned, or she’s more inhibited than you’d like, if you’re making these common mistakes, it will severely aggravate your problems.Male pattern anger, victimhood, bargaining for sex, feeling rejected when she says, “No,” are easily resolved and this audio is motivating too.
  • If rejection is driving a wedge between you; if you want more sex than she does; if you’re simply looking for the fastest path to erotic adventures…
  • Especially if you are worried she’s not as attracted to you… If she’s noticing other men… If you’re not absolutely sure she’s completely satisfied…
  • Men who hone their seduction skills bring women to their knees.
  • Knowing what NOT to do is better than adding a new strategy for wooing your woman.
  • A dozen relationship and seduction experts divulge the most common, counter-intuitive actions guys take that actually reduce their chances.
  • Hey, if you knew this already… you wouldn’t be here. Let’s fix that! Welcome and enjoy this helpful audio sampler with our compliments.
(No pills, no drugs, no sneaky tricks, ever. We ♥ women and the men who love them!)
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