Discover The “8 Steps That Rekindle Passion”
Before You Decide To Move Forward.
The Roadmap To Romance: The logical order and big picture of what it takes to go from shut down or platonic to a passionate marriage relationship.”
What does it take to have the kind of passionate, exciting, juicy, respectful, zesty relationship you know you can have and you definitely deserve?

Men want the big picture and “the steps” in logical order to make their marriage passionate again.

THE PROCESS a man would take to turn his marriage relationship around.

Hear a man (Calle) and a woman (Susan) talk you through the most difficult issues when a relationship is stuck in non-sexual, non-sensual, shallow negativity and how you can turn your marriage around within months with the insights and actions we share.

A passionate relationship is a journey, not a destination!

Sifting through tons of information gets overwhelming.

Learning too many new skills at once is confusing.

So we broke it down into bite sized chunks below.

The 8 Steps To Reclaim Passion

  • Re-Inject Polarity – the masculine/feminine balance required for a sexy relationship.
  • Get Out Of Dependency – own your happiness and she will follow your lead.
  • Get Into Decisive Leadership – take charge of your relationship and lead her to pleasure.
  • Overcome Her Resistance Issues – proactively fix or work-around what ever is holding her back from her natural sexual desire.
  • Get Into Building Respect – start giving her approval and setting boundaries which reward her for good behaviors.
  • Get Out Of Trying To “GET” – inspire and stimulate her, lift her spirits, cause her to feel alive and challenge her in positive ways so she comes on to you, her man, automatically.
  • Ignite Turn On With Seduction Techniques – begin romancing her heart and mind again, then use sensual experiences to reawaken her body while you run her menus of right-sized offers.
  • Escalate To Passion With Advanced Sexual Skills – use a series of techniques that allow her to surrender to her multi-orgasmic potential.
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