Discover The “8 Steps That Rekindle Passion”
Before You Decide To Move Forward.
The Roadmap To Romance: The logical order and big picture of what it takes to go from shut down or platonic to a passionate marriage relationship.”

“My wife kept telling me that I have no testosterone and I would ask what she meant by that and she would not be able to give me examples or clarity.”

Well what you and Calle talk about in this program hits right at the heart of my problems with my wife’s the loss of interest in being around the fact that she does not respect for me.

As you know that I have tried a few of the techniques from your past programs like Revive Her Drive and The Seduction Trilogy from Dr Patti, but they seem to be missing that slap in the face that I needed to get me going with clear direction on getting the passion back.

I have been the perfect husband for her and it still was not enough since she was taking advantage me and taking me for granted. Now with what you say in Roadmap To Romance you give a lot more info and direction in a step by step way. I love when you use examples of situation that can happen in our daily life. I have just changed my mind set to more positive one and I stopped letting her take over.

I have started take charge of my life and being less dependent on her to control my mood. If I want to do something I don’t wait for her I just do it. I have seen some small changes in her receptiveness since I started to use some of the technique in this program.

She will kiss me more often now, which in her case is good sign.

I still do have a long way to go to get that preconceived mental blockage she has about me. The 8 steps in Roadmap to Romance gave me more clear goals. I never really noticed how much I was dependent on her to be happy. I was happy even before I was with her and that was the reason she fell for me in begin. When you use the little sister analogy it hits the spot since I do have a younger sister and I do treat her differently. I guess that was of the things that made my wife realize what type of guy I could be, because of the way I care for my sister and at times I think she was jealous of that since she is an only child.

I have changed my whole outlook on our relationship and I am seeing more positive turn around for the future and do know that it is going to be lot of work on my part to make changes and be the man.

My wife kept telling me that I have no testosterone and I would ask what she meant by that and she would not be able to give me examples or clarity. I though she meant that I was not naturally an aggressive person that I would not show rage by bashing on things or because I was not some jock that watches sports while drinking beer. I needed a more clear direction on what she was talking about.

I finally get it. I have put away my insecurity’s and show her that I am a stronger man and stop depending on her. I am the type of guy what you might call a jack of all trades but master of none. I can do it all but not all well and now with what you gave me in the Roadmap to Romance, I can and will become a masterful lover and husband.