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When you need to know something, do you prefer, if possible, to get input from a diverse group of experienced people?

I personally have a hard time believing any ONE guru can solve all my problems – but if I hear from multiple experts the same wisdom, I take heed.

Do you too?

You can rely on the experience of the dozen men and women who devote their lives to sexuality and seduction, who contributed to this program, and who bring a wide variety of perspectives to the solution.

For example, YOUR customized seduction plan might include strategies from a pick up artist, an erotic hypnotist, and a sexological researcher.

Another man’s plan might use tactics from our orgasmic authority, ex-Navy man, our accredited therapist, and our self-proclaimed “Erotic Rockstar.”

Or they could take the advice from our Emmy-award winning screen writer, our masculinity coach, a “passioneer,” an acclaimed author and an instructor in the erotic arts.

Every man and his lady have a unique set of circumstances, and our dozen specialists have all contributed their unique experiences and perspectives so you can cherry pick the best ideas for your situation (along with a checklist you get that covers the most common scenarios).

Ebook 1 Fast Path Guide

It’s going to feel so good when you see her respond immediately to your newly-minted seduction techniques.
Ebook 2 Four Elements of Revival

The Four Elements of Revival are the specific seduction strategies recommended for men IN a long-term relationship (4+ years or more typically) who are trying to rekindle their sex life. The big picture of how you’re going to move your wife from frozen to melty. This book will show you how to get her to genuinely enjoy even the most outrageous sexual adventures with you.
Ebook 3 Is Her Sex Drive Repairable?

Discover how Robert, Ivan, SemperFi and Jon used the Four Elements of Revival to seduce their women back into a sexy relationship, even after YEARS of being disengaged. Follow their plan or cherry pick from the four guys to customize your own revival strategy.
Ebook 4 Stealth Turn-Around Tricks

If your situation is so bad you don’t even want to bring up the subject of sex with your wife or girlfriend, you can DO and BE a master seducer without even talking about what you are doing. She’ll just realize one day that she finds you sexually attractive again. Train her sexually both without her noticing that you’re doing it or with her overt and enthusiastic agreement.
Ebook 5 Relationship Values™ Workbook

If you were both crystal clear on each others’ top relationship values… how fast do you think you’d start being intimate and deeply connected again? A matter of days. This beautiful eBook holds the keys to a magical connection and she’ll be so grateful you brought it up.
Audio Book + Transcript eBook 1 4 Keys to Seduction

Dr. Patti Taylor walks you confidently through the simple, repeatable magic steps to increasing your woman’s arousal and helping her have new, sexy experiences with you. The master lover is an “arousal manager.” Learn to take her from negative or neutral to aroused with the Four Keys of Seduction: Small Offers, Erotic Vigilance, Vulnerability and Vision. These keys move her from a stuck place to a wide-open sexual realm. Soon, she will want you to lead her into new realms of erotic sensation and connection.
Audio Book + Transcript eBook 2 Sexual Sticking Points

David Van Arrick explains how to overcome her resistance to sex, how to lead her authoritatively during sex, how to give her massive erotic experiences, sex when you’re over 50 and the 4 Pillars of Sexual Performance for men. (you’re going to need this!)
Audio Book + Transcript eBook 3 Seduction Integrity

If you’re sick of BEGGING, BARGAINING or GETTING YOUR OFFERS FOR SEX REJECTED, try these new ways of asking and offering that Karen Brody says will get your woman to say, “yes!”
Audio Book + Transcript eBook 4 Lifelong Passion

Alex Allman delivers a motivational vision for your sex life and he explains how men, while trying to be in service to their woman, actually make mistakes that backfire on you, resulting in less sex than ever. Learn the right way to help her become better and better in bed, without getting caught in your own underwear!
Audio Book + Transcript eBook 5 Erotic Communication

Adam Gilad teaches you how to romance your woman in the way she responds best, by starting with her ears and flowing to hear heart. These shortcuts will turn you into a silver-tongued devil she’ll be delighted to play with again.
Audio Book + Transcript eBook 6 Masterful Lover MANifesto

David Shade stockpiles all his teaching into a simple “Manifesto” you can follow to understand how to be the man she wants to have a lot of orgasms with.
Audio Book + Transcript eBook 7 Alpha Masculinity

If your woman is a modern powerhouse, she’s actually desperate to surrender to your masculine vision. Need a masculine vision? Carlos Xuma shows you how to lose the anger and frustration and become the alpha male leading her sexually.
Audio Book + Transcript eBook 8 Dance of Polarity

Become “unbreakable.” More insights from Christian Hudson on how you set the tone as the man so her womanly self can just… let… go…
Audio Book + Transcript eBook 9 Erotic Adventures

She wants you to “TRANSPORT HER EROTICALLY” and Tallulah Sulis gives you a menu of ideas to choose so you don’t have to think up your own erotic adventures. And, Tallulah explains how to overcome your woman’s and resistance so she can have an open, enthusiastic sensual appetite again.
Audio Book + Transcript eBook 10 Secret Arousal Maps

Turn on her body, along with her mind, by knowing how a woman’s arousal network works. Sheri Winston will give you advanced arousal strategies so you can help your woman’s body respond to your touch, lick, bite, nuzzle…mmmmm….
Audio Book + Transcript eBook 11 Ejaculatory Choice

Decide when to ejaculate – make it your choice. Destin Gerek explains how you can manage your climaxes to stay with her as long as she wants you. Discover the male multiple orgasm strategies you will need when she soon wants to have sex every day for a nice long time. Yes!
Audio Book + Transcript eBook 12 Sustaining Attraction

This program is for guys who’ve been married or in a long term situation where the sizzle has died. John Alanis gives you a boatload of tricks and techniques to get that naughty girl you first met back in your arms and back in your bed.
Ebook 6 Overcoming Her Resistance

This Solution Anthology pulls together all the collective advice from the 12 experts about how to deal with and help her overcome her resistance to sex. Get underneath to the real issues she has and solve them or put them to rest so you can move on, into hot, steamy lovemaking with total abandon.
Audio Book + Transcript eBook 13 Seductive Sexuality

This Solution Anthology pulls together all the advanced sexual mastery concepts from the dozen experts. You will be amazed at how much you don’t know about sex and how quickly your skills accelerate once you get the download.
Ebook 7 Surrender & Trust

In order for her to surrender to you, she has to trust you. Trust that you won’t get weird, trust that you can make her climax, trust that you won’t hurt her – so much of a woman’s ability to abandon herself to her lust depends on how you make her feel safe. This Solution Anthology pulls the best advice from all twelve experts so you can inspire her confidence and trust in you as her lover.
EbookUnadvertised Bonuses!

I can’t give away the secret, but you will also be getting some unadvertised bonuses about marital passion and what you may be missing out on that you don’t even know is available to you sexually in your relationship. These goodies come after your purchase and you will LOVE THEM!
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Is Her Sex Drive Repairable

Stealth Turn-Around Tricks

4 Keys to Seduction

Sexual Sticking Points

Seduction Integrity

Lifelong Passion

Erotic Communication

Masterful Lover MANifesto

Alpha Masculinity

Dance of Polarity

Erotic Adventures

Secret Arousal Maps

Ejaculatory Choice

Sustaining Attraction

21 Deadly Mistakes Men IN Relationship Make

Seductive Sexuality

Overcoming Her Resistance

Trust and Surrender

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This information is both NEW, because it’s the latest and most integrated thinking these experts have done on this subject to date and it’s TRUSTED advice because I’ve distilled a dozen viewpoints into an organized, 4-Step Revival Plan . You can start having a lifetime of great sex all for less than the cost of one single night out to dinner (and I promise, the quality and quantity of your sexual connections will skyrocket ;))

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