San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 19, 2011 — Personal Life Media, Inc., along with a dozen leading specialists, today announced a new, breakthrough program exclusively for men in long-term relationships who need to rekindle their sexual connection with their partner.
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“The Real Reason She Isn’t
Interested In Sex Anymore”

As the primal lust of a new relationship naturally wanes, most men become sexually dissatisfied.

This lack of intimacy can drive a wedge of frustration through the entire relationship, resulting in extra-marital affairs or divorce.

This discovery is describe in a video about the scientific evidence that accounts for WHY a woman’s sexual interest in her mate declines over time.

Have you ever been curious about what it might take for a man to fix, actually revive his woman’s sex drive, to make her sexually interested in him again?

It IS possible to move any woman from negative to neutral to AROUSAL with the right set of positive female psychology techniques, no matter how long she’s been shut down.

According to 12 specialists, a Ph.D., a relationship coach, a therapist, a masculinity expert, a pick up artist, two erotic hypnotists, a sexological researcher, an orgasmic authority, an “Erotic Rockstar,” an acclaimed lovemaking author and an instructor in the erotic arts, there are REPLICABLE, PROVEN REVERSAL STRATEGIES.

It is possible for any man to REBUILD a diminished or nearly non-existent sex life with any woman, except where there are distinct mental or physical health issues that require a doctor’s care.

“Sheri Winston, CNM, BSN, RN, LMT, author of “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure” and founder, Center for the Intimate Arts” ~ “This is the shortcut to all the great sex you can handle.”

(Exclusively For Men In A Sexless or Sex-Lite Relationship)
If the misery from constant
sexual rejection taints your life…
  • If you have you asked yourself, “Why does sex get worse, instead of better, in long-term relationships, except for a few lucky couples?”
  • If you have you ever wondered, “Was it my fault she shut down sexually, or could I at least have done something to prevent it?”
  • Has it puzzled you that she started out with STRONG SEXUAL CHEMISTRY for you and now sex is sporadic even non-existent?
“Video Explains How To
Re-Trigger Primal Lust”
Rekindle Her Libido
Even Without TALKING,
No Matter HOW LONG It’s Been
For many couples, talking about a lack of desire, where one partner is more highly sexed, can be extremely stressful.

Once you watch the presentation on the next page, you’ll find it comforting and helpful to understand what happened to her libido. When you start to counteract the problem, you are sympathetic to the root cause and know it’s NOT her fault, and it wasn’t your fault either.

It is possible to approach the turn-around entirely in STEALTH MODE to achieve the same results without the need to aggravate an emotionally fragile situation.

There are four questions you must ask yourself first to see if your situation qualifies for this 4-Step reversal method.

There are four common scenarios that are easily reversible if you know the right order in which to implement the Fast Path Checklist.

Watch the video on the next page for the story of Robert and Lauren and how he revived her drive using 4 simple strategies.

Reset Her Sexual Chemistry When You Discover:
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  • You will easily produce a massive, erotic experience for her using POSITIVE feedback loops and self-image projection.
  • Use bombproof strategies to override her self-sabotaging thoughts and negative self-talk to make her moan and writhe, instead of resist and avoid.
  • How to accelerate her love of having fantasy adventures with your inner caveman.
  • Why filling HER up with pleasure lets you jettison that chronic, hungry-bunny urge for sex.
  • The scientifically proven 4-Step Plan that literally REIGNITES HER LIBIDO and your sex life.