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Expand Her Orgasm Tonight
THIS METHOD for giving your woman multiple, stacked, ever-increasingly delicious orgasms results in:
– Beautiful, lush engorgement of her whole genitals,
– She’ll experience expanded sensation,
– Your intimate feelings for each other will increase,
– She will appreciate you more,

She’ll likely want more intercourse and it will feel even better to her.

You two will learn this skill together.

As you are learning the strokes…

…she’s learning to feel them.

Erotic play dates will bring you closer.

This practice is PIVOTAL to her awakening and turning her body on!

DOing your woman will engorge her so that she wants you inside her, because it will feel incredible, maybe even for the first time in her life.

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight – Lifetime Buyout $297 $147.00

Female Liquid Orgasm

If you crave MORE juiciness in your sex-life, DEEPER intimacy, a STRONG partnership, and MAXIMUM pleasure for you and her, you are taking the first step by educating yourself and learning the techniques and insights into what makes her let loose and declare you as her ULTIMATE SEX GOD.

There is something soul-satisfying about squirting.

Guys love ejaculatory orgasms ‘cause it’s PROOF.
(liquid evidence of your ability to deliver massive erotic pleasure)

Women love to squirt because it feels so deep and rich.

FLO Female Liquid Orgasm is an online home study course that teaches a couple HOW to help her ejaculate.

It’s a fun practice, and any woman CAN do this.

I find it best if she can see it on video so she knows what she’s going for and we put “arty” video in there for her and step-by-step stroke technique video for an entire ejaculatory stroking session in there for you guys.

Female Liquid Orgasm FLO is an advanced skill.

Your woman should desire to do this and be orgasmic already.

It just keeps getting better.

There’s always more.

If she’s already a good lil’ comer and you think squirting is hot n’ sexy, this could be a very fun program for you.

If she’s still struggling to have orgasms, or you’re not having passionate sex yet, I’d choose a different program for your
$100 Gift Certificate or she’ll just make you send this back.

If you’ve always wanted to make a woman ejaculate with your fingers and penis, then FLO is for you if your gal is ready for this Squirtylicious Adventure.

Female Liquid Orgasm Lifetime Buyout $297.00 $147.00

Seduction Trilogy

This combines 3 courses into one with a seduction model you can use every day for the rest of your life with her.

Seduce Her Tonight
This book is about you – about how you can get her turned on (tonight!), how to get her to authentically crave, admire, and desire you. Whether you’re seeking a woman, courting her, or already in relationship, I hope you’re ready to have very turned-on woman on your hands!

b>Seduction Accelerator
This book is about your relationships with all women, but of course, I will be focusing most of all on your relationship with your sensual partner.

Her Sexual Trainer
This book will show you – step by step – how to get her to genuinely enjoy the most outrageous sexual adventures with you. You’ll discover how to train her sexually both without her noticing that you’re doing it, or with her overt and enthusiastic agreement – thus initiating a sexual training program together.

How often would you offer yourself to your woman if, every time you asked, you were certain she would say, “Yes!”?

Here’s how you can go from where ever you are now, toward that possibility:

The Four Keys To Seduction***

Dr. Patti explains in more detail how your win rate can go through the roof if you use this seduction model:

  • Erotic Vigilance
  • Small Offers
  • Vulnerability
  • Vision
Once you can run her a little menu of ideas for sensual, physical fun and get the right offers dialed in so it’s easy for her to choose one, your whole world turns around.

You may have to begin almost imperceptibly doing this if your gal is still giving you the cold shoulder, but you CAN start from where you are now and improve.

And the third book in the series, “Be Her Sexual Trainer,” shows you how to elicit her fantasies from her in a way that makes it safe for her to share with you.

Seduction Trilogy Lifetime Buyout $291 $147.00.

Speak Up With Power and Influence

Are you where you want to be in life?

Do you have the relationships of your dreams, the money you want?

Do you surround yourself with people who are where you want to be… or do you wade through life hoping something better will come along?

Where will you be in 5, 10 or even 20 years from now if you keep doing what you’ve always been doing?

What if you learned just one simple technique from this system that changed how others looked at you, respected you, and supported you in every endeavor?

This complete simple, easy-to-learn system is what you’ll need to over-come your fears.

Learn as I guide you through the entire process step-by-step, until you’re a master communicator!
Because when you’re ready you’ll…

  • Have people LISTEN to your ideas
  • Speak UP in meetings and discussions
  • Build social/business relationships FASTER
  • Speak with more CLARITY and precision
  • Motivate yourself and others to GET THINGS DONE
  • Develop a DEEP understanding of behavior
  • Speak CONFIDENTLY in front of a room
  • Learn the key DRIVING force of producing results
  • Achieve your goals more QUICKLY
  • Develop emotional power to MOVE through obstacles
  • Know the RIGHT thing to say when you need it
  • Ooze with confidence when you walk into a room
  • Have more ENERGY to get more done daily
Your ability to speak up and influence others is the answer you’ve been looking for.

This strategy will give you the necessary skills to make yourself heard so you can get what YOU WANT… FINALLY!

Speak Up With Power and Influence Lifetime Buyout $297.00 $147.00

Masterful Techniques

The Five Masterful Techniques – Which One Is Best For You Right Now?

  • Learn how to release thoughts and get back to the present moment with Mindfulness Meditation Practices
  • Discover Tonglen, a Buddhist practice using breath and focused thought to change your experience in the moment
  • Learn the power of Alternate Nostril Breathing, a yogic breathing technique that rapidly calms the body
  • Use Emotional Freedom Techniques to instantly calm high emotion and release debilitating thoughts
  • Develop the ability to courageously speak your needs with Compassionate Communication
The 5 Most Potent Techniques
Already Transforming the Lives of Millions of Others, Just Like You

Why waste another second suffering in unnecessary mental strife?

GET STARTED TODAY with 5 Masterful Techniques guaranteed to give you the support you need when you need it most – in the very moment panic and anxiety are happening.

Remember: you are the creator of your life. The degree to which you interact or react in it, is up to you. Taking long, slow, deep breaths, practicing grounding and restoring yourself to a place of clarity and focus will help you interact more and react a whole lot less!

In the 5 Masterful Techniques you will learn through video tutorials and audio lessons exactly how to work with the breath to relieve stress, tension and anxiety in the moment it begins to build. By dealing with tension in the moment it is arising, you are much better able to prevent panic attacks from occurring in the future.

Feel joy and inspiration return to your life as you learn to:

  • Transform Intense Emotions in a Snap
  • Find the Root Causes of Panic Attacks
  • Discover The Secrets to Being Anxiety Free
  • Release Family Patterns That Might Shape Your Life