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Because I know it’s important to so many of you, I worked out a deal with my friend Gabrielle Moore to get a $1 deal for you on her fabulous “Hot Licks” program. Here are the details from Gabrielle Moore herself:

“I’m about to reveal the fiercest, hottest secrets to giving her oral sex orgasms. I’ll even give you graphic color ILLUSTRATIONS showing you super sexy moves to start a bonfire between her legs—and in her heart! You’re going to love it—and so will SHE.”

Hi Sweetheart,

I have one more “indecent proposal” for you.


Let me explain.

You see, I’ve been helping couples improve their sex lives for YEARS now… and what I can tell you with certainty after helping so many people, is that:

“It Is Almost IMPOSSIBLE For A Woman To
Achieve An Orgasm Just By PENETRATION ALONE”
Yep… sad but true.

The penis was NOT designed for pleasure, it was designed for reproduction!

When a man penetrates a women, his penis DOES NOT stimulate the woman’s clitoris most of the time.

So how do you expect her to have an orgasm!

This is the MAIN reason why most women live lives of “quiet sexual desperation!!!” because they never have orgasms…

But here’s the solution:

When you stimulate a woman’s CLITORIS the right way… it is much easier for her to enjoy a hot orgasm.

And there is NO better way of doing this than by USING YOUR TOUNGE.

Yes, I mean oral sex.

For this reason, I decided to create my advanced program:

“Hot Licks: The Ultimate 5 Step Program For Mastering
The Art Of Giving Her Exquisitely Orgasmic Oral Sex”

The program is designed to give you everything you need to make sure you know WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and of course HOW to proceed to build the excitement and tension that culminates in explosive orgasms (as many as she and you can handle!) when you go down on your woman.

Once you have access to my inner sanctum of knowledge, you’ll be able to add a new dimension to your lovemaking that will thrill you—and leave your partner begging for your tongue and fingers every time you make love!

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Yep…. the price of Hot Licks is normally $97 USD.

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“WHY Am I Letting YOU Enjoy
You may be asking yourself…

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Here are some of the hot topics you will learn as a “Sex Book of the Month” member:

  • Naughty fingering techniques, so that you can make your lover dripping wet!
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