Revive Her Drive
“NEW! How To Get Her Interested In Sex Again”
If you’ll take my hand, I’ll show you exactly what to do to get your woman to match your sexual desire for you as much as you crave her warm, enveloping softness — even without talking about it and no matter how long it’s been!
Dear Friend,

You’re at fork in the road every minute of your life…

“Missionary position again? We did that last month.”

Robert winced over the “joke” his buddy made at lunch. “That hit way to close to home.”

“Crap! My sex life has turned to dust.”

Ann had stopped initiating entirely. “I thought this just happened to women after they had kids?” Sex felt robotic… a revolting combination of disappointment and frustration on the rare occasion she’d let him get intimate.

“A blow up doll would show more interest,” he grumbled to himself.

“What is wrong with her!”

It wasn’t for lack of trying. He’d been the dutiful husband, helping with chores, planning date nights, the requisite flowers and gifts.

He did what he thought you were supposed to do to keep the romance burning after the kids came. Pshhhht! That was the sound her lack of interest smothering their last sexual spark.

In the beginning, she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

There was passion, variety, spiciness.

He believed they had a great sexual chemistry. (Don’t leave this page without looking at “Why it’s NOT your fault.” – It has everything to do with chemistry.)


Now, he offered her sex as much as he felt he could get away with, without pissing her off. Every once in a while, she’d take his offer. “Well, I guess you could call it submit, he thought.”

I. can’t. live. like. this.

How did my wife get frigid?

Umph. I’m THAT guy in a sexless marriage.

Right now, it’s so miserable, it’s hard to believe anything could stop the rejection.
He ticked off his options:

1. Suffer. (“Well, I’m good at THAT he thought wryly.”)

2. Cheat.

Squirm miserably in a marriage counselor’s chair, paying the shrinky dink $175 bucks an hour hearing the psychobabble list of everything I do wrong in our relationship, when all I want to do is get laid!

Divorce her.

5. Plow through a bunch of self-help books and fix it myself. (But reading is tedious. And I’m busy supporting our family for Chrissakes.”)

My buddies can’t help. They just go fishing.

“She used to like sex… I wish somebody would just tell me what to do!”
“How come I have to initiate everything and she still won’t communicate what she wants?”

“Why am I the one always giving?” “She has ZERO sex drive.” “I’m angry, frustrated, horny… and at my wits end.”

Can you relate to Robert’s story? Though you may feel all alone in your frustration and rejection, you are not alone.

Does this lack of intimacy make you feel disconnected from the world?
Is this involuntary celibacy tainting YOUR whole life? It’s like being abandoned inside your relationship.

It sucks the life out of you. And it just sucks.

What if it doesn’t have to be like this? What if you could rekindle the passion you once had, even advance your sex life to new levels of pleasure?

Every man deserves an engaged, adventurous woman who matches him sexually. Every woman deserves to be continually opened, awakened into her ever-evolving sensual self, by her man.

I’m Susan and my heart weeps at the position you’ve found yourself in.

How can I, as a woman, understand anything that you are going through? Because my husband and I hit a wall in our marriage, after years of downhill sliding into a relationship that felt like we were roommates. 

The sexless marriage.

He was checked out.

He was so angry at me. He loved me and hated me.

I felt the same.

And didn’t know what to do. He checked off the options in his head, just like Robert did in the story above.

And we realized, we might trade each other in, but we couldn’t do BETTER. And what an upheaval. Divorce. Split custody.

We decided to fight for our marriage.

It was gut wrenching. Soul splitting. Personally embarrassing.

How could smart people like us, who started out so strong, go so awry?

We just didn’t know what we didn’t know. We weren’t actually very good lovers. And as a strong-willed career woman, we’d lost the masculine/feminine polarity in our relationship.

It was so bad he was convinced I must be a Lesbian, or frigid. He made up stories to make sense of my lack of interest.
He couldn’t talk to me about sex, because I just wasn’t willing to even talk about it anymore.
WHenever he would ask me I would say, “is that all you ever think about is sex?” “Is that all you care about?” “That’s so boring.”
He felt shut down every time he tried to approach me about it.
He felt so totally alone.

We used to joke that he had to take me on vacation to have sex.
We went to Europe. And we were in a resort in Alsace, in kind of a sexy hotel, and the couple upstairs was having sex all night long and he laid there seething.
It was twisting his heart in a knot, laying there listening to that couple banging the headboard on the wall, feeling hopeless.
This really big, important part of me.

It may have been at that very moment that I started to disengage from my marriage.

It wasn’t fun for me. I did it as a wifely duty. He was tired of begging, pleading…

He found what he needed elsewhere.

I just dried up. Gave up on sex. Focused on our child, my career… all the while drifting further apart, disconnecting from our life force.

On our 11th anniversary, I had TWO martinis and drunkenly said, “I love you but it’s over or we have to get help.”

With so much to lose (you know the feeling) we sucked it up and tried therapy.

Blech. It was OK.

Our impasse was sex.

He wanted it. I didn’t.

Oh my gosh, if you could see me now!

We explored “intimacy workshops.”

At first, I was FREAKED. It pushed every edge I have. I would literally melt down on the way to the workshops.

But I did it. I went with him.

And we learned how to re-create our intimacy.

Thank goodness for my patient man. He devoured David Deida, David Shade, and Patti Taylor’s teachings. He joined a Men’s Circle. (Hey, we live in California, that’s what we do here, don’t laugh!)

And we slowly, surely, came back together because he stepped up to FIX our sex life. I didn’t even want to fix it. I was fine with the co-habitation. (It was like I had dried up, honestly – the longer we went without, the less I cared about sex.)

The journey was not without tears; some days it was gut-wrenching. We had some deep shit to handle.

And handle it we did.



Our honesty and vulnerability opened us again to each other.

Then we got some skills. (We HE did and I forced myself to be open to receiving them for the sake of the marriage.)

Then I started liking it.

Then we really started getting GOOD together. And it revitalized not just our friendship but our passion for each other and our passion for LIFE.

Sex is so sacred. It is the embodiment of harmony. It’s the pure expression of love.

You are this horny because sex is one of man’s most powerful instincts.

Your sexuality is an expression of your humanity, man. You cannot thrive without touch, without intimacy, without love.

Nor can she. This woman to whom you’ve committed yourself. The woman who is in your care.

Don’t look back 20 years from now and know that you squandered one of the two primary drives all humans have. And don’t let your woman fritter away her potential either.

Let us share what we learned, what we do, what we know, with YOU. Take our offering because it comes from the purest intention to revive as many marriages as we possibly can on our short time on this planet.

Listen, you and your woman are in this together, unless you really think suffering, cheating or divorce are better options?

Worse, dating sites are filled with freaks, flakes and fruit loops. Don’t even go there!

Trust me. The first thing you want to have a crack at is a turn-around on the woman you have now. Remember, you chose her for some darn good reasons.

This is yours to win.

Here’s some good news…

This whole desperate situation is NOT YOUR FAULT. (and there’s hope!) Here’s what happened.
Have you heard about “Love Chemicals?” You know how powerful hormones are. (You know what it’s like when she gets bitchy, right?)

Well, that waning libido of hers is due to this…

Turns out that “7-Year Itch” is actually more like a “4-Year Itch.”

Yes, Dr. Helen Fisher, a highly-respected anthropologist at the Center for Human Studies at Rutgers University has studied over 60 cultures around the world and found that “Love Chemicals” like Oxytocin and Vasopressin, called “the cuddle hormones,” start to wane as early as two or three years into a relationship.

American divorce peaks correspond with this 4-year data. Infatuation lasts long enough for gestation. How unfair is it that when your child is toddling around, your woman’s love chemicals are drying up for you.

This has been a problem for mankind since monogamous “pair-bonding.”

Most likely your woman is now just biologically less interested in lovemaking!

You’re not ready to give up are you? The honeymoon period DOES NOT have to be over.

It’s completely natural and healthy for a man’s ego to want his woman to have increased pleasure and more erotic adventures for her whole life.

And it’s perfectly natural to feel anxious if she’s not responsive.

It’s a relief to know it’s not you. And it’s not her. It’s biology. 

Her lack of sex drive is reversible!

But the longer you wait to intervene, the deeper the negative groove sets in.

The solution to revive her sex drive is simply mind over matter.

You can overcome this “chemical castration” that’s sucking the life out of you by using positive psychology.

Female psychology. Not the guy-minded stuff you’ve been trying that clearly isn’t working.

Begging, bargaining for sex, honey-do’s — they are no match for the power of Dopamine, Seratonin, Norephinphrine, Estrogen, Testosterone…

Her hormones are kicking your butt!

Time to fight fire with fire.

Turns out there are four elements to her sex drive revival. Say, “hallelujah!”

And there are four common scenarios that kill almost every couple’s sex life. You are NOT alone!

The “Four-Year Itch.” Four problem areas. Four elements of revival. Straightforward, that.?
Every couple’s sex life is unique and this program takes into account the dynamics of every relationship to put to right all but major health problems or serious psychological issues. Serious cases are less common than you think, once you know how the elements to revive her drive synergistically fit together to generate and magnify her arousal.
You are thinking, “My situation is different.” And I can tell you that I have had long, deep brutally honest discussions with countless men. And when I share my personal story and explain how it falls apart and HOW TO PUT IT BACK TOGETHER, these guys walk away with a spring in their step they haven’t felt since 7th grade.

Seriously, when you know these four simple seduction elements, your fast path to turn her around will all just makes sense.

You CAN do it! I’m living proof. And I had a serious case of chastity belt lock down. Brrrrr!

How to tell if this is NOT for you.
BUT, if you or your woman have serious health or psychological issues;
if you secretly want to manipulate her (revenge? payback?);
if you stubbornly need to hold on to the limiting belief that “women just want less sex than men” (not true!);
if you feel too henpecked to take the initiative; (I will fight dirty to get you to try this.)
this program is not for you… Then click away now.

But if you want more good news…

From where you’re standing, it must be unbelievable that a guy could re-ignite his sex life in a 4-step process. So I’m begging you, will you just suspend belief for me right now give me some serious curiosity?
I’m all about efficiency, and not only getting you back to where you were in the beginning, but moving you both into the bliss of some hot Tantric sex or what ever your fantasy might be.

Ready to harness female psychology, biology, sexology… what ever it takes?

There’s a world of pleasure waiting for you and it CAN just keep getting better. Once you ignite your “relationship resurgence” strategy. Let me show you how. We did it. YOU can do it.

Or at least die trying. It’s better than your current trajectory, isn’t it?

She’s going to be so grateful, though you can’t believe it now, in the state you’re in.

You’re going to be her HERO.

Here’s what you do.

First, you assess your particular areas of friction in the Fast Path Guide. That way you’ll focus your energy to get tangible results quickly, rather than trying a bunch of stuff to no avail — maybe like you’ve done in the past?

Next you review the Four Elements of Revival brief to see which solution applies directly to your situation.

You can quickly (this is an emergency, right?) go right to the content in the Seduction Summit sections that will change YOUR life, not just your sex life, the whole ball-o’-wax.

I created this Seduction Summit (the core of the Revive Her Drive program) because my man and I went through this gut-wrenching, horrific experience and nobody should EVER live like that. We teetered at the precipice of divorce, after years of lackluster, begrudging sex .

And now our relationship is so solid, so hot, so sensual, sexy and on fire that not a week goes by without one or more mere acquaintances commenting on our obvious passion for each other. It vibrates off of us. You can FEEL our infatuation. And we’ve been married twenty years!

The Seduction Summit is loaded to bursting with realistic recommendations and counter-intuitive techniques you must have to get your woman excited about having mind-blowing sex with you again, and again. Rely on the advice of these experts to restore your passion.

You’ve found your lifesaver, the buoyant ring that will float her back into your willing arms.

I am committed to give guys like you who have a wife or girlfriend, and aren’t getting the great sex you both deserve, the exact path to rekindle your passion.

You will be floored at how simple this really is. We women are not any more complex than you guys, we’re just different!

You just have to know the things that work for your woman (I’ll show you how to know this), NOT do the things that would get YOU turned on. Better yet, your customized reversal plan will not require endless emotional processing, expensive gifts or blame games.

I persuaded my all-time favorite sex and intimacy experts (I’ve studied over a hundred experts in my journey and choose the most rockin’, righteous, real-world authorities) to answer this question:

How can you get her to want better sex, more often, with you again?
And the best part of this “second chance?” In all but one situation, you can efficiently remove the roadblocks to intimacy without even talking about it with her.

No paralysis by analysis.

No seeing red.

No tears.

No long, drawn out conversations, dissections, probes…

One day she’ll think to herself, “Wow, I’d like to have sex with him tonight.” (And yes, she’s thinking about YOU.)

This is not a fantasy. This is not an empty promise.

With the Stealth Turn-Around Tricks eBook you’ll be able to make subtle and powerfully effective refinements that lead her down that slippery slope to recreate sexual attraction without head-on conversation.

Sex and romance. You already KNOW about that. Here’s where you need to focus…
Note that this is not a “sex techniques” guide (though there are some seriously advanced moves in here that will blow your mind) because if she’s not having sex with you, a sex manual ain’t gonna help.

[Hey, even if you ARE an Olympic Gold Medal ladykiller, there are a pleasure trove of advanced mastery techniques for you erotic geniuses in the program.]

This is not a “romance guide” either. Flowers, lingerie, candlelit dinners – you know how to do the basics every laddie magazine thinks is the answer. And it’s NOT the answer.

This is a program that teaches you SEDUCTION techniques… the art of WOOING your woman in the way she is dying for you to entrance her. (Using female psychology.)

Consider this your secret insider’s guide to the feminine psyche where you’ll get the courage, nurturing and support you need to turn tide on this sinking ship.
Recapping your strategy:
  • The Seduction Fast Path Guide assesses your friction points and recommends the exact information, customized for you, within the Seduction Summit dialogs
  • The Four Elements of Revival show you the specific tactics that will actually turn your woman around, based on her particular issues
  • The Stealth Turn-Around Tricks: Conflict-Free Approach Makes Her Hot For You All Over Again! reveals how you can smoothly open her to her sensual self all over again without conflict or manipulation (she will thank you!)
  • The Seduction Summit is the core motivational body of expert wisdom (in both eBook and audio book format) that will give you specifics, confidence and inspiration
Three short, little eBooks instantly dial in your solution and take you right to the places within the Seduction Summit where you can get your answers. Then enjoy 15 hours worth of motivational material from the world’s coolest reality-based sexperts on every aspect of your and her sexual reawakening. I promise this amped you up and get you brimming with ideas to which she finally gives a steady stream of “yeses!”
Her resistance is futile.
Think “her ship has done sailed,” mate? She’s too far gone?
It’s actually NEVER too late for a relationship re-ignition.
We gals are so deeply wired to crave affection, attention, sensual pleasure and intimacy yet sadly, most women go to their graves feeling unfulfilled by their partners’ ability to open them fully into their birthright, into what their bodies naturally know how to do.

“Imagine how beautiful she’s going to be laying there, waiting for you to take her… you are ready to harvest the seeds of pleasure you’ve been planting in her mind.”
Do you remember a fork in the road where your relationship zagged left and pitched your sex life into a death spiral? Likely it was an insidious devolvement into being roommates instead of hot lovers, impatient to get each other off. (If your relationship is platonic, aka “just friends,” this turn-around system will work!)

Jump on my craft, fellow wanderer!

I’m taking you home.

Home to the femininely delights that your woman is dying to experience, that transport her beyond the victimhood of cultural programming and fake movie romances that have screwed us up royally.

Overcoming HER resistance often creates the biggest opening.

I’ll show you how, with my trusty sexperts by our side.

The gentle guidance in the Seduction Summit will triumph over the opposition you are feeling from her now.

These “tricks” will transcend the most hard-hearted Hannah’s, the most puritanical Penelope’s, the talk-to-the-hand Heather’s, because you actually leverage what SHE really wants, what she can’t even verbalize to you.

I created this program because of my own marital near-death experience. We pulled our relationship out of the fire and into a sexy, sizzling frying pan of electrifying, soul-connected passion that





I’m pledged to help you, dear man.
You who are laboring in a committed relationship where you CRAVE a richer sex life and more intimacy with your woman and yet are stymied about how to arouse her consistently and pleasurably or even at all.
  • Guys like you take on massive corporate turn-arounds with a gajillion employees.
  • Guys like you painstakingly restore classic cars from the ground up.
  • Guys like you remodel skyscrapers and shopping malls.
  • Guys like you sail boats around the world.
And guys like you CAN and DO resurrect and get complete COMPLETE CONTROL of their sex lives.
You’re about to discover all these gems and more with your instantaneous access…
Learn how to see again the powerful forces of love that exist in your connection with your woman in all their glorious imperfection.

Uncover the psychological reasons she resists and how tenderness gets her to surrender to her sensual self again.

Give her enough of this one simple thing you can do almost without thinking and no matter how long she’s been numb, she’ll turn around for you.

Repeat this one simple word to yourself and your hungry sex-bunny feeling will stop wearing you both out.

Sexual inhibitions stem from fear, control and lack of intimacy. This single technique can erase decades of repression.

These “psycho-emotional tools” quickly and easily reawaken the passionate girl you first dated. They are logical and easy to apply too.

Know when your gentle invasion of her space actually brings her closer – Hint: It’s her TEST for you!

She loses respect when you BARGAIN FOR SEX – Use THIS alternative to the begging that repels her.

xSince female behavior is created by male behavior within the context of a relationship – you can turn her into a pleasure-seeking device within 24 hours.

There are 2 false premises that zap your confidence as a master of seduction. Don’t let this happen again.

Drive your win rate through the roof with this incredibly simple strategy that helps you make her the “right offer” for the right experience so she’s a YES. Just like Goldilocks!

Discover how putting your attention on her in present time creates a spaciousness for her to move toward you, rather than her feeling your angst. Be in the moment, Grasshopper…

Learn to tease out the roots of her resistance AND get underneath your goal-orientation to move past the bad blood and anger that has driven a wedge between you.

Become a FORCE of initiation again to transport her on a beautiful erotic journey. Mmmmm…

You’ll going to get so jazzed when these concepts and methods WORK. And so is she.

Leverage these 4 Keys to Seduction over your whole lifetime, so it just keeps getting better.

This foolproof activity (it’s fun!) fuels her passion to the nth° degree.

Review these 9 possible reasons she resisting erotic exploration and laser focus your solution.

Deliver these 4 things a woman fundamentally desires from you to express her full sexuality.

The “Ninja Columbo” technique that gets her to open deep areas of emotion is a mega-ton heavy hitter.

You simply cannot overuse this single best way to make her hot to trot.

Fundamental but not obvious – the 3 ways you create the safety she requires to totally surrender her sensual self and her beautiful body to your tender, loving care.

The most likely time of day she’s going to give up control to you and surrender sexually.

xThese positive feedback loops, using the exact phraseology supplied in the program, massively reinforce her forward progress to becoming a sex kitten. Meow!

This element of surprise creates a sense of romance such that her erotic energy rises to meet the mystery. Women love, love, love this!

Create connections so powerful it’s physically impossible for her to resist as it sends a message to the most emotional, sexually active part of both of you that you are on the same page, in sync with each other.

Powerfully transform the entire woman, not just in her sexual life, when you give her this massive, erotic experience completely outside of anything she’s ever had, supplemented with a trick called, “self-image projection.” (These tricks are good.)

She becomes hyper-suggestible when you leverage a technique called, “voice of authority.” It gives me chills just writing this.

Sexual ignorance on the part of the man is one of the biggest problems women state they have. Changing just this one manner will engender her trust and melt her.

There’s a thing actually called the “Madonna-Whore Complex,” and it could be destroying her passion.

Here’s a tricky one. Learn why putting her pleasure FIRST backfires every time. How could this be???

xThe masterful lover has 2 core critical traits. Learn ‘em and rock out with your clock out.

This one is worth it’s weight in PLATINUM. Learn this immediate way to move her mind into the non-verbal realm to deflect her sabotaging thoughts and negative self-talk.

Using Buffering and Disconnecting forms of body language to warm her at a deep, unconscious state. Sweet.

xOhhh! This erogenous Zone Theory gets her begging you to, “Put it in!”

She will actually ask you for more of THIS kind of dirty talk ‘cause it’s totally SAFE and less stressful to do than actual smutty talk.

Articulate? Learn these specific love words and witty innuendoes to woo her with delight, you smooth talker.

No so good with words? These particular vocal sounds magnify her natural responses to you and propel her more deeply into her erotic potential. Grrr!

Take her PAST her pleasure limits into ecstatic states she didn’t know she was capable of that create intimacy so intense she cries tears of joy afterward.

Did you know, sexual arousal is a trance state? THIS certain knowledge will open a portal into new states of ONEness for both of you.

Here’s the million dollar message: your women has as much erectile tissue inside her that gets engorged and sensitive (like your penis) – the clitoris is just the tip of the volcano!

These 4 Pillars of Male Sexual Performance can make you stronger and longer than when you were in your 20’s. I’ve seen it myself.

And when you execute this 3-Step Turnaround, if your woman believes she’s getting “too old” for sex, there will be no holding her libido back!

And finally, if you let THIS slip away, the internal feelings she wants to feel suddenly disappear and she’s off to find a guy to lead her, if you can’t.

Or maybe she already has?

I want to scare you here.

I didn’t want to say this, but dang it, it’s the truth. And I’m going to be straight with you.

It is the man’s job to lead your woman into her sensual self.

If she’s shut down, there’s a good chance you really can find one tiny ember still aglow and fan her fires back.

Suffer, cheat, divorce… NO!

Revive Her Drive?


I’ve put my name on this product. No hiding behind some facade. I’m way out here ahead of you, turning back, holding my hand out.

Take it.

Come with me.

Exchange pain for pleasure.

Trust in psychology, biology and sexology.

And start firing up those neurotransmitters and cuddle hormones.

Let’s go!

With Sincere Support and Belief In You,

Yes – I Want Access to Revive Her Drive
I will have immediate access to all the eBooks and audio files via the membership site.

I understand that my order is covered by a 60 day Money Back Guarantee and if I am unsatisfied with my purchase for any reason, I can call (650)948-0500 or email support at to receive a full refund.

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