JV Assets For Revive Her Drive
Welcome! The Revive Her Drive launch runs 9/12-9/26.

Mail email swipe copy from 1-5 times during 2 week launch to rocket your 50% revenue payout per customer.

Average order is $120 (includes commission on upsells) to net an estimated $60 per order.

Choose to mail a webinar, two special reports and/or an audio download during the launch in addition to the special offer email on 9/22.

Select your favorite email swipes below and generate your tracking links.

Additional pictures below can be used within your emails to increase click through.

Finding Assets For Revive Her Drive
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Landing Pages And Promotion Calendar – What To Send When
  • September 12 to 15 send this:
    Webinar 46% Conversion Rate In Pre-Launch Testing for customers who completed opt-in form.
  • September 16 send this:
    Video 1 Free eBook download, “Is Her Sex Drive Repairable?”
  • September 17 send this:
    Video 2 Free audio download, “21 Deadly Mistakes Men in Relationships Make” (Cookied users don’t need to opt-in)
  • September 18 send this:
    Video 3 Free eBook download “Stealth Turn Around Tricks” (Cookied users don’t need to opt-in)
  • Sale starts on September 22 and goes until September 26. Send these pages on those days:
    Insiders Club Special <=== Goes Live On September 22
    Presentation Video Sales Letter
Banner Ads
Banner ads are available in skyscraper, wide skyscraper, leaderboard, and small rectangle.

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Are You On Our JV List?
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  • Evergreen webinar with a rolling “Frank Kern” style 3 day schedule. The registration page is https://ReviveHerDrive.com/webinar but make sure to use the hoplink generator with your ClickBank ID to make sure your links are tracked.
  • The webinar is a valuable resource for customers. Customers rave about it because it is loaded with great content and advice and explains why couples in long term relationships tend to have less sex than when they first got together, and more importantly, what the man can do about it to get his sex life on an upward spiral again.
  • During the “pre launch period” (Monday September 12 to September 22nd) customers will not be able to buy from the webinar, but they will be able to put their names on the “early notification” list. This is by far our most powerful sales tool. In pre-launch testing, 46% of guys who signed up for the webinar ended up purchasing the product.
  • We can scale the webinar to 10,000 simultaneous attendees so feel free to encourage the guys to sign up to watch it.
  • A replay of the webinar will be available if they cannot attend the scheduled times.
We’re using one of the top tier webinar companies to handle the traffic.