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  • Webinar – Excellent resource!
    Webinar 46% Conversion Rate for customers who complete opt-in form.
  • Free eBook #1
    Video 1 Free eBook download, “Is Her Sex Drive Repairable?”
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    Video 2 Free audio download, “21 Deadly Mistakes Men in Relationships Make” (Cookied users don’t need to opt-in)
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    Video 3 Free eBook download “Stealth Turn Around Tricks” (Cookied users don’t need to opt-in)
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“I’ve worked with Suz and Tim Bratton in several product launches now, and all I can say is: They are the MASTERS of top-quality content creation for online product launches. We’ve made thousands of dollars in sales together in several launches now. Thanks Tim and Suz!” ~ Gabrielle Moore –