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Stealth seduction techniques:

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  • 110% female-friendly. Not sneaky. Ever. Use these subtle strategies especially if you are worried she’s not as attracted to you… If she’s noticing other men… If you’re not absolutely sure she’s completely satisfied…
  • You just start BEing and DOing, no need to even tell her you’re becoming a master of seduction.
  • Efficiently remove the roadblocks to intimacy without even talking about it, for situations when conversation leads to frustration.
  • If her sexual interest has waned, or she’s more inhibited than you’d like… Slow n’ easy, these powerfully understated moves get results.
  • Get deep under layers of her numbness – these seduction strategies work on your woman’s arousal from the outside in – first through her heart and brain then to her genitals.
  • She will feel like you’ve “gotten her” in a way she’s never been gotten before, which will unlock her sensual side and let you bring her to a whole new level of her sensuality.